Best Online Music Classes for Kids; Know About Courses, Fees & More


Kids adapt to new hobbies quickly at a young age. Their minds and hearts are open to new experiences and explore a world that comprises their interests. If your kid is drawn toward music and singing, then here’s your opportunity to enroll them in the best online music class. There are many music classes for kids that provide online lessons. Let’s get into an in-depth study of online musical training.

Why to choose Artium Academy?

Music unites the soul, minds, and emotions of humans. At Artium Academy, we nurture your passion for music and teach you the language of music that heals your heart and connects you with yourself. That’s what music is all about. For kids, we make it easy and understandable to learn classical tones through our online classes.

We have our own platform for live & interactive classes. Our highly qualified teachers train you in the classical singing classes in Mumbai. Kids here can learn new instruments such as guitar, violin, and many more. The young audience can join our classes to polish their classical interest.

Best place to learn ‘Indian classical music classes’

The classical music of the Indian subcontinent has two major traditions, Hindustani & Carnatic. While the first has evolved by external influences, the latter represents a more ancient approach to classical music. At Artium Academy, we offer Carnatic & Hindustani Classical Music Classes. With three courses each – preparatory, basic, and advanced, we offer 1:1 sessions for the students. Faculty heads, Shubha Mudgal & Aruna Sairam were honoured with Padma Shri which make them ideal Gurus for the students.

Unique way to learn ‘Online Sangeetham Classes’

We believe Sangeetham Classes are for everyone who has passion to pursue music. It’s never too early to kindle the musical spark. If your kid is eager to start his music journey sooner, enroll him in the classical singing classes Mumbai has to offer. Artium Academy gives you freedom to choose the course you like and book a free trial session.

Special Online Children Music Classes

Kids who show signs of being interested in music classes must be guided by an expert to show him the right direction. Music training from a young age has many benefits like – social, intellectual, language, and motor skills and helps children in holistic development. Later in life, the kid finds music as a way to manage stress and fight depression. If you are looking for online music classes for kids, Artium Academy is certainly the one.

Best Vocal & Instrument Classes

Our music masters for every instrument will give you an experience for life. Aneesh Pradhan, head of faculty for tabla instruments, is the recipient of several awards under his name. Other heads of faculty like Gino Banks, for drums, Raju Singh, for guitar, Louiz Banks for keyboard, are some of the famous names that guide your kid throughout his musical journey. Artium Academy is indeed the right pick if you are searching for vocal music classes online.

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