Why is it important to learn Carnatic Music?

An important style of Indian classical music is Carnatic music. Around the world, many people want to learn Carnatic music. You must correctly understand the basics to learn any style of music. Similar to this, learning the basics of Carnatic Music theory is essential for novices. With that being said, if you’re someone looking to […]

Best Online Keyboard Class at Artium Academy

Given that there are so many built-in tones to create various moods, taking keyboard lessons online can be enjoyable. Keyboard classes online are available to anyone over the age of 6. Louiz Banks, the Godfather of Indian jazz, is the faculty head for piano and keyboard at Artium Academy. With that being said, take a […]

Is It Possible To Learn Guitar Online? Yes, Here’s How

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Best Online Music Classes for Kids; Know About Courses, Fees & More

Introduction Kids adapt to new hobbies quickly at a young age. Their minds and hearts are open to new experiences and explore a world that comprises their interests. If your kid is drawn toward music and singing, then here’s your opportunity to enroll them in the best online music class. There are many music classes […]

Carnatic VS Hindustani Music; Here Are The Key Differences

Is Carnatic music more scientific and Hindustani music more emotional? Is it difficult for North Indian listeners to understand Carnatic music because of its language and structure? Are North Indian listeners of Carnatic music less likely to love ragas? These are some of the most common questions that pop up in a budding music star’s […]