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Why is it important to learn Carnatic Music?

An important style of Indian classical music is Carnatic music. Around the world, many people want to learn Carnatic music. You must correctly understand the basics to learn any style of music. Similar to this, learning the basics of Carnatic Music theory is essential for novices. With that being said, if you’re someone looking to learn it, this inclusive write-up is just for you!

We provide you with a quick rundown of the fundamentals of Carnatic Music for newcomers. You must be familiar with Raga (Ragam) and Tala (Thalam), which are the two primary components of Karnataka Sangeetham, before beginning Carnatic music lessons.

Essential Components of Carnatic Music – Raga & Tala

The mode is referred to as Raga, while rhythmic cycles are referred to as Tala. You may sing many varied and beautiful songs by utilizing various Talas and Ragas combinations. Mohanam, Sankarabharanam, Aarabhi, Hindolam, Kamas, and other important ragas are only a few examples. Rupakam, Aadi, Triputa, Dhruva, Jhampa, and Matya are the principal talas.

Swaras are the foundation of all Ragas.

Six fundamental swaras can be heard in Indian classical music which are Sa(Do), Ri(Re), Ga(Mi), Ma(Fa), Pa(So), Da(La), and Ni (Ti). You can produce several ragas by combining these swaras in different ways. The Aarohanam (the raga’s ascending notes on the scale) and the Avarohanam are the two primary and fundamental components of a raga (the descending notes of the raga on the scale).

What to Expect in Classes of Carnatic Music for Beginners?

In any offline or online vocal classes, Guru’s initial concentration will be on the foundational. The Taggu Sthayi Varase, Dhaatu Varase, Taarasthaayi Varase, and Alankaara, Sarale Varase (Sarali varusalu), Janti Varase (Janta Varusalu), and Sarale Varase are among the basics.

Sruti is one of the very first lessons a guru teaches a student. The music relies heavily on Sruti. Western music refers to this as the ‘key’. Sruti comes to be regarded as the essence of Carnatic music. The Sarali Varisai is one of the earliest styles of Carnatic music. This is often referred to as the activity that thoroughly familiarises people with the Swaras and the Sruti.

This helps in learning the many Swara combinations that are possible. The following level after Sarali Varisai is called Jantavarisai. You will receive proper instruction in this exercise on how to sing with Sruti and the most important method of handling the Swara. The Guru then instructs Swarajathi. The entire collection of songs and swaras is referred to as it.

The guru assists students in learning the fundamental exercise that must be undertaken to identify the raga accurately. Varnams follow, which are primarily a unique item that underlines the significance of many ragas. The Guru also teaches the pupils how to emphasize and approach a particular note in the first few courses. Varnams are frequently sung first in each concert since they grab the audience’s attention.

Some of the Benefits of Starting Carnatic Vocal Classes Early are as follows:

  • Improves discipline
  • Enhances positive spiritual influences, relieving all stress for learners
  • It helps to develop the vocal cords while improving pronunciation and good speech quality
  • Improved brain functions such as hearing, memory, sharpness, and many others
  • Improve concentration
  • Allows children to learn about ancient music and culture
  • Boosts the creativity within a set of disciplined boundaries

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