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Learn to Sing Your Favorite Tamil Songs with Online Classes Designed by K. S. Chithra


If you enjoy Tamil music and have always wanted to sing your favorite songs, you’re in paradise. Renowned playback singer K. S. Chithra has designed our online singing classes in Tamil that cater to all skill levels. With her years of experience and expertise, the industry star has crafted the fundamentals of music courses to help you master the nuances of singing Tamil songs.  These singing classes online are ideal for beginners and experienced singers wanting to enhance their talents. With K. S. Chithra’s vocal lessons online, you can immerse yourself in the realm of Tamil music and begin your road to becoming a confident singer.

Who is K. S. Chithra?

Born on July 27, 1963, in Thiruvananthapuram, K.S. Chithra is a six-time National Film Award winner who has built a name for herself in the Indian (film) playback business. Also known as the “Nightingale of South India” she has sung in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Oriya, Hindi, Assamese, and Bengali films.  Her knowledge of South Indian languages and Hindi enables her to render songs with originality and perfection. She has also received numerous mainstream awards like MTV Video Music Award, Screen–Videocon Award, Film Fans Association Awards, and Cinema Express Awards.

Why Learn to Sing Tamil Songs?

There are various advantages to learning to sing Tamil music. Tamil music is a unique and beautiful art form because it is rich in melody, rhythm, and expressiveness. Tamil song singing can help you enhance your vocal range, tone, and pitch control. It might also help you improve your language abilities and admire Tamil culture. 

Additionally, singing Tamil songs can be a great way to express your emotions and connect with others. So, if you’re passionate about music and want to learn something new, consider taking singing lessons for beginners in Tamil songs online to sing your favorite songs.

How Tamil Online Classes Can Help You Sing Your Favorite Songs

Tamil lessons online can be a valuable resource to anyone who wants to improve their singing abilities and hone their skills. Here are some ways they can help you sing your favorite songs. 

  1. Improve your technique: Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced singer, your singing technique can always be improved. Tamil online lessons teach you breathing exercises, vocal warm-ups, and other strategies to help you sing more confidently and better.
  1. Receive personalised feedback from your instructor: Online lessons allow you to receive personalised feedback from the teacher. This input can assist you in identifying areas for improvement and providing recommendations on how to accomplish so.
  2. Practise at your own speed: You can practise at your own pace and at your own schedule with online lessons. This adaptability is especially useful for people who have demanding schedules or reside in places where in-person lessons are not available.
  3. Expand your knowledge– These classes can also help you explore and find new songs. There might be artists you don’t know of, so classes can open a new path for more options.
  4. Learn Tamil Pronunciation: Getting the pronunciation properly is one of the most crucial components of singing Tamil songs. Tamil online lessons may help you learn how to pronounce words and phrases correctly, making it simpler to sing along to your favorite Tamil music.

What to Expect from K. S. Chithra’s Online Tamil Course

With 70 years of experience and creativity, KS Chithira has crafted our Tamil course. It is divided into three parts- preparatory, intermediate and advanced. Each of the vocal lessons have something unique that it teaches, making sure you are growing and improving. Let’s take a look at each course individually. 

  1. Preparatory level

    If you have interest in Tamil film music and want to learn pitching and rhythm, as a beginner this is the course for you. Here you will learn the simple talas and swaras along with simple songs. By the end of this course, you will be able to sing in pitch and be ready for the next course. 
  1. Intermediate level

    The intermediate level is designed to develop the student towards becoming a competent performer and not only in Tamil music but also carnatic music, if one has interest in it. The course is crafted in a way so that you can develop your tone to the fullest, which will help the range and texture. 

With proper dedication and inclination towards learning you can understand the art and principles of a good performance. 

  1. Advanced level

    This is an intensive 48 session program that will help you achieve the skills of a competent singer. After this you will be able to sing as a stage singer as well as a playback singer in films. One can acquire and get command over computational skills and techniques. Not only will you be able to sing your favorite songs but also have the skills to deliver a Carnatic music concert. 


At our music academy, the course designed by K. S. Chithra provides a one-of-a-kind chance for Tamil music fans to learn to sing their favorite songs from the comfort of their own homes. Students can enhance their vocal talents and develop a greater understanding for Tamil Nadu’s rich musical traditions with her expertise and direction. Our classes are open to students of all skill levels and offer a friendly and stimulating learning environment. Connect with the wonderful melodies of Tamil music with us at Artium Academy. 

Learn Tamil music with a FREE 1:1 session and start your music journey today!