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How to Learn Music at Home?


​​Step into the extraordinary world of music, right from the cozy confines of your home!  With the ease of technology and the variety of online resources, anybody can discover their inner vocalist and dive into the art of music learning like never before. Let us lead you on an exciting journey, exposing the secrets of mastering instruments, honing voice abilities, and writing your own symphonies all inside the confines of your own four walls. Prepare to spark your imagination, embrace the rhythm, and go on a musical adventure that will have you harmonizing with the stars. So, start the music!

Here are a few tips to learn music at home. 

  1. Pick a type of music or an instrument

    Choose a musical genre or style that speaks to you. Selecting the genre of music of your choice, whether classical, jazz, rock, or pop, can keep you motivated and involved throughout your learning journey. If you are keen on learning an instrument then pick one that motivates you to practise and explore its potential. Each instrument and musical genre provides a distinct musical experience.
  2. Start with music theory

    While it may appear difficult at first, mastering the principles of music theory is important for any aspiring musician. Begin by learning about musical notation, scales, chords, rhythm, and key signatures. These fundamentals will offer a firm framework for your musical journey and will allow you to better perceive and interpret music. The best way to learn music theory correctly is by taking professional classes that will provide systematic instruction so that you can understand the basic principles.
  1. Set realistic goals

    Setting logical and attainable objectives is always a great idea for maintaining enthusiasm and measuring progress. Begin by identifying short-term and long-term goals that are in line with your dreams. Maybe your goal is to learn a specific song, perfect a specific technique, or master an instrument. 
  1. Practice regularly

    The key to acquiring any musical skill is consistent and persistent practice. Create a regimen that works for you and stick to it. Regular practice sessions, even if they are short, are more effective than irregular, longer sessions. Make time for technical exercises, scales, new piece learning, and reviewing previously studied material. The best way to learn music is by regularly practicing what you are learning. 
  2. Use a metronome

    Use a metronome whenever you practice. A metronome will keep you on track with your time, ensuring that you don’t slow down when the music becomes difficult and that you don’t speed up when the song becomes more lyrical. Set the metronome to a slower speed and work through the tough portions carefully. Then, gradually increase the pace until you’re at tempo. You might not believe that playing in sync with a metronome is necessary. Once you start playing along with a band, you’ll need to work on your timing and be able to perform with a metronome. 
  1. Score and track your performance

    Evaluating and reviewing your performance is a great approach to tracking your progress and finding areas for improvement. At Artium Academy, we have made use of technology bringing a section where you can track your musical progress. Take note of the sections that need more practice and concentrate on improving those characteristics. With our professional lessons and teachers, you can get feedback, guidance and analysis of your performances. This will help you successfully refine your talents.
  1. Take professional classes

    What is better than being able to learn music from the comfort of your own home? With online music lessons, learning from any part of the world can be made easy. At Artium Academy as well, we have experienced instructors who deliver organised sessions that are geared to your skill level and musical goals. They provide advice on technique, musical interpretation, and performance skills, ensuring that you advance as quickly as possible. Furthermore, professional lessons give crucial criticism, accountability, and the opportunity to engage with other musicians. Utilise the skills of our skilled tutors to reach your full musical potential.


Learning music is supposed to be a fun and exciting experience. No matter where you are learning from, at home or in in-person classes, the process of learning any new skill requires the right amount of practice, hard work and dedication. 

If you want to learn how to play any instrument or sing any genre of music, it is best by taking proper classes. In the initial stages, it is necessary that you are on the right track and learning the correct techniques. At Artium Academy, as an online music academy, we have teachers who take 1:1 live classes. All our courses are designed by music maestros from the industry, so you can guarantee you are learning the best. With all the benefits that you can reap from your house, what’s stopping you from learning music online? Book a free trial and let’s get started!