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How can one take their music career to the next level?


Every musician desires to take their music to the next level and reach new heights in their career. It requires them to be passionate and hard-working while being patient and driven to seek new opportunities and landscapes to showcase and perfect their craft. Talent and creativity can be the foundation of your journey. However, you will need to rise above and build on it in order to have a long-standing and successful career as a musician. It has been emphasised by Johann Sebastian Bach, a German composer, in his quote – “I was obliged to be industrious. Whoever is equally industrious will succeed equally well.” This blog will lead you on the right path with some crucial tips to help you grow as an artist and conquer the world.

8 Essential Tips To Take Your Music Career To The Next Level

Here is what you need to know.

  1. Keep Learning

The music industry is ever evolving with newer technologies and genres coming into the picture. In such a scenario, nobody has absolute knowledge, and it is more than necessary for everyone to expand their horizon with more information and comprehension of various aspects. For example, being a singer you might wish to explore the production side and pick up a musical instrument to learn. Today there are numerous sources available for artists to learn and garner knowledge. One can attend workshops, seminars, and conferences or even learn music online from expert teachers on our platform, sitting comfortably at home. 

  1. Build or Become Part of Music Communities

Having a community of fellow musicians, industry professionals, or even your fans can be a great support system for artists. Therefore, every artist must try to seek out local music communities, join forums, attend open mic nights, and connect with like-minded individuals. It can be an impressive way of networking with other artists and the general audience. Creating or joining digital music communities has been an effective way for a number of musicians to build a strong online following. It has emerged as a brilliant medium for artists to engage with the audience and develop a bond with them.

  1. Innovate & Experiment

If you wish to stand out from the crowd in this ever-changing and competitive music industry, you need to keep innovating and experimenting with your music. It involves exploring new genres, different styles and artists and challenging yourself to take risks. To bring novelty to your craft, you might decide to learn other genres or instruments by taking up an online music course. Opting for online music courses such as ghazal, Carnatic music, western vocals, hindustani classical music classes online, etc., as we offer, can aid your understanding and help you to create fresh music.

  1. Take Feedback

Constructive criticism is the backbone of growth and improvement for any artist. Seeking constant feedback from trusted sources such as mentors, musicians, or industry experts can enable you to look at others’ perspectives of your music. You can work on those points to create better music which caters to a wider audience. Always embrace criticism as an opportunity to refine your skills and evolve as an artist. Try to inculcate a receptive attitude where you use feedback as a stepping stone to elevate your music.

  1. Collaborate with Other Musicians

It has been one of the most successful ways for artists to propel in their careers as it exposes them to fresh ideas and introduces their musical abilities to a new audience. Get in touch with other musicians whether they share the same vision as you or bring other thought processes to the table that inspires you. It can be an amazing window of opportunities to create something unique for the audience and leave a lasting impression. As you embrace the power of teamwork, you can design musical harmony that elevates your craft.

  1. Perform Live

There is no alternative to the energy and connection transformed with a live performance. The undeniable magic of live music can help you to establish a beautiful synergy with your fans. You must check for spots to perform at local venues, open mic nights, festivals, and music events. Also, you should consider organising your own show with other artists and participating in music shows and competitions. Make sure you are performing regularly to improve your stage presence, showcase your talent, and gain valuable feedback from industry professionals and enthusiastic fans.   

  1. Find A Mentor

Mentors are an invaluable asset for any musician. Their wisdom can be detrimental in your journey and assist you to navigate your path and carve it with precision. A perfect mentor will provide you with the right balance of guidance concerning your craft and the industry. They can connect you with industry people, help you with collaborations and open doors for you. To build a sturdy mentor-mentee relationship, you need to be open-minded, actively listen to the person, and have the willingness to learn and explore new avenues that tailor your growth.

  1. Invest In Merchandise and Artwork

Today the music industry and artists have started investing in other sectors to promote brand awareness and generate additional revenue streams. One of the most prominent ways adopted by musicians has been investing in building their own merchandise and artwork. It creates a sense of distinct visual identity that reflects your music and resonates with the target group. You must figure out several options for merchandising, such as t-shirts, posters, stickers, or some limited edition and pick the right one for your fans. Along with generating income, it fosters a genuine connection between your music and your fans, leading to the formation of a supportive community.


It is hard to taste success overnight for anyone. You need to be dedicated towards your work, persistent with your efforts, and have the urge to find new avenues. Taking your music to the next level requires a multifaceted approach from your end. By working on these tips and staying true to your passion, you can pave the way and walk towards fulfilling your quest and having a prosperous music career. Always remember, you are not alone in this journey, as Aritum Academy and our expert teachers and music legends are always there to support and guide you in the right direction!

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