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5 of the Best Daily Vocal Exercises for Singers

Everyone loves to hear the melodious singing of Lata Mangeskar, Kumar Sanu, Kishore Kumar, Arijit Singh, Sonu Nigam and the list goes on. However, only a few are capable enough to sing beautifully like them. That’s because it requires years of practice, dedication, discipline and most importantly being devoted to the art of music. If you are ready to embark on this wholesome journey, here are a few daily vocal exercises you can do to become a good singer.


Humming is one of the simplest vocal exercises for singers that allows your voice to open up. You can start at a lower scale and gradually move toward the upper scale. To do the humming exercise, place the tip of your tongue behind your bottom front teeth. Keep your mouth closed and hum up and down the major scale. It warms your voice but does not put a lot of strain on your vocal cords.

Lip Trill

Lip trill is one such vocal warm-up exercise that will help you build breath support and stamina while singing. At first, while doing this exercise you can do it without pitch and try to make a motorboat sound. To do this exercise, wet your lips then close and pursue them. While making sound breathe in and blow the air out. Slowly try to incorporate pitch and hold it for 3 to 5 seconds. If the lip trill isn’t happening in your case, roll your tongue up and you will certainly get the desired result.

Yawn-Sigh Technique

To reduce vocal tension, the yawn-sigh technique is often used in vocal therapy. To do this quick vocal exercise simply yawn with your closed mouth and then exhale through your nose. This vocal practice is great in increasing the fluency of words. Also, it significantly helps in improving its range and relaxing your voice.

Vocal Straw Exercise

The vocal straw exercise is a technique in which you partially block your vocal tract while you sing or speak. Take a straw, place it inside your mouth and then hum your favourite song through it. Singers do this exercise while singing practice to develop a more powerful voice and alleviate vocal strain. Such vocal exercises for singing are extremely for breath control. This exercise is also known as ‘Straw Phonation’.

Jaw Relaxation Exercises

It is preferred that you drop your jaw lower from its usual position while talking. To make this possible, try and practice as much as you can in front of the mirror and observe yourself carefully. It will help you to understand the movement of your jaw and then you can control it the way you want. To loosen your jaw you can smile by doing easy techniques like smiling and practising the ‘ya’ and ‘la’ sounds. While doing this exercise focus on keeping your jaw loose and letting your tongue make all the sound.

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